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DIY Textured Canvas

Add some texture to your walls with this DIY Textured Canvas


Spackle tool

Cake Icing comb

Paint brushes (if you want to add some colour)

* For links to all these tool visit My Amazon Shop


A canvas

All purpose drywall compound

Acrylic Paint (if you want to add some colour)


I gathered all of my supplies first...obviously 🤓. I picked up a canvas from my local craft store Michaels, the dry wall compound along with a spackle from my local home improvement store, Home Depot, and lastly I got the cake icing combs on amazon (there are so many different designs and shapes). I used whatever acrylic art paint and brushes I had at home. If you don't have any, you can pick some up at the dollar store for super cheap and decent quality. Whenever I'm experimenting with something the dollar store is a great place to buy supplies at a low price to minimize the fear of trying something new.

Now for the fun part! With your spackle scoop a good chunk of drywall compound onto your canvas and start spreading it evenly. You don't need it to be super thick, less than a cm thick, just enough so when you run your comb through it to create designs the canvas doesn't peak through. This feels super therapeutic, I really enjoyed this process. Play some music, go slow and just enjoy the process of moving the material over your canvas.

Once your canvas is covered you can switch to your cake icing comb tool and begin making any designs you want on your canvas. The rainbow design is popular. That is what I was initially going to do but then I started to experiment with different shapes and designs and came up with something totally different. You can also use your spackle tool to create different shapes and designs. I played around with both tools to try different techniques and see what I could come up with. This is the fun, creative part, treat it like an Etch A Sketch. The material takes a while to dry so you can create a design and then with your spackle tool smooth it all out again and start fresh. I did this over and over again for about 45 min before I finally settled on my final design.

Also, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, I had a lot of fun running my hands through the compound over the canvas to make some cool designs. Tip: clean/remove excess compound from your icing comb each time you run it over the canvas to avoid clumping.

Once you've created your magic, allow your canvas to dry overnight 🌓.

You can leave your canvas as it is for a soft clay look or your can add a splash of colour. I opted for some colour and just used whatever acrylic paints and brushes I had at home. Find some inspiration and choose your colour pallet. I chose the colours from my living room pillows where I planned to hang the artwork.

I painted within the grooves and designs that I made for a cool look. The grooves and shapes acted as my lines that I painted within.

Volia you're an artist!

If you feel comfortable, please share your finished creations with me, I'd love to see them!

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